Hesitance of Time


October 2016

Hesitance of Time

Penang by Eugene Lee


Armed with a Yashica T3D, Eugene’s involuntary choice of a point-and-shoot was fittingly apt for the textures of Penang. 

The unedited images were that of a casual documentarian, who sought for a quick escape from the towering mechanic city of Singapore. Unbeknownst to Eugene, his instincts were probing at wide spaces and the raggedness of time.

His frame would present an elderly man clutching onto an empty egg crate with relative ease, contrasted against a discordant graffiti backdrop, or another elderly, locked away in a distant stratosphere where economical rattan chairs were still crafted intimately by hand.

His photographs of spaces were without hesitance, archetypal establishing images of time and the city. The standout component of such simplicity conjured itself through the wide depth of a point and shoot film camera, which optimizes ambiguous observations over a focused singularity.

“The sedated pace of life in Penang was beyond my initial expectations. Time seemed to move by at a different rhythm and it allowed me to observe my surroundings intricately.” - Eugene

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