November 2016



Vietnam by Benjamin Sim

The transient phase of sensitivity is unforgiving along with the passage of time. It escapes in the blink of an eye, towards a lost capsule.  Benjamin’s documentation of Vietnam awaits for a delicate moment before the shutter clicks.

The scope of his pictures employ wide spaces to accentuate the intricacies within. Ingenuous scenes of a Viet farmer at work or a father spending a moment with his child are intimate instances of light, trapped in the confinements of a frozen juncture.

"I utilize my subjects and their surroundings as representations of my submerged emotions."

The idea of ambivalence seems to lurk in Benjamin's observation of Vietnam. The Notion of sensual isolation subtly emerges from the image of a lifeguard surveying a crowded beach or that of segregation across a distant horizon. 

"I believe that the pictorial story derives from an awareness with space and the space that one is in. "          - Benjamin
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