The Dardenne brothers places focus primarily on flawed characters who are often being placed in a pool of quicksand and spends the rest of the film discovering about themselves and reflecting on their actions.

Every Dardenne brothers film preaches that in reality, there isn't an ending but another route forward waiting for their characters. The route is often not a happy one but their characters find solace and grow or discovers morality at least in their screen journey.

L'enfant is another Dardenne brothers classic that follows Bruno (Jérémie Reiner), a young man who decides to sell his baby for profit. Bruno had not consulted Sonia (Déborah François) with regards to the sale and has to face the consequences of his actions. 

Bruno is young and has a naive mindset but he isn't any less human than any of us. His actions help one understand that stupidity and impulse are part of humanity and it is how he reacts that grounds the audience with him in his universe. Furthermore, Cinematographer, Alain Marcoein's relentless tailing of Bruno allows us to follow his journey and discover every aspect of Bruno's humanity. 

L'enfant is a masterful Dardenne brothers film about mistakes and its trademark character study is done to perfection, blurring the lines between reality and film.

Mono Digest