Colour Green

Colour Green

If you had the chance to catch Wim Wenders’ Alice in the Cities, the final scenes featured a young Sybille Baier on a ferry, with an excerpt of the serenading Softly from her Album The Colour Green.

The album was was recorded sporadically over the years of 1970-73 during a dark period of Baier’s life and the mesmerizing tracks were simply tapes on a reel to reel recorder from home. Gifted with acting and singing talents, she dedicated her life to her family instead. Only years later did Rob, her son, put together a CD of his mother’s tracks for family and friends. One of the recipient was Massachusetts rock band, Dinosaur Jr, who in turn handed it over to music label, Orange Twin who represents Baier’s album today.

In a modern cynical world where attention on the internet  is the validation of an individual's success, Baier embodies the innocence and naivety of pure passion and love for the craft itself. The Colour Green is a perfect companion for a cozy weekend at home or a soothing afternoon break.

The Colour Green is available through Vinyl LP and CD recordings.

Track List

1. Tonight

2. I Lost Something In The Hills

3. The End

4. Softly

5. Remember The Day

6. Forget About


7. William

8. Says Elliott

9. Colour Green

10. Driving

11. Girl

12. Wim

13. Forgett

14. Give Me A Smile

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