Mad Men


I’ve only just caught the finale of Mad Men, and had the urge to draw something. I didn’t know what I had set out to do, but I’m quite satisfied with it.


December 31, 2018


“Look inside, and you’ll find the truth.”


December 25, 2018

Duck_And_Jim_11 2.JPG

“I did not receive a book this year so I sent one to myself. It was exactly what I wanted.”


December 22, 2018


“Life’s filled with misses, but there’s always another shot to take.”


December 18, 2018


“I really tried to like it, but it sounds like stock music.”


December 14, 2018


“The rules of this game are simple; you point fingers at each other and make no attempts to seek resolution. You go first Duck…”


December 11, 2018


“Wow Duck, they saw you for what you were, not what you could become.”

December 10, 2018


“They do this to tell us we don’t belong. It’s easier that way.”


December 09, 2018


“I fall back into it once it awhile, but lesser and lesser now.”


December 05, 2018


Duck, I can’t water this plant only when I feel like it.


December 04, 2018

Duck_And_Jim 2.jpg

I’m fine. It’s just a bit cold, that’s all.