Dechen Phodrang temple


Monks of the Dechen Phodrang temple

Recorded by Zuki Juno Tobgye . Thimphu, Bhutan .



Perhaps it was just another morning in Thimphu, but the act of holding a camera prompted me to look beyond the regularities of my daily surroundings.

I chanced upon four photogenic monks who sat atop a hill, filled with joy under the sunshine of that brisk morning, cheering on their fellow peers. A group of their classmates were playing football, while another bunch of them were throwing clots of dirt at each other, zipping by, and dodging, immersed in a rather peculiar game that I couldn’t fathom.

I thought about how young they were, and if the monastery was ever a conscious choice. I wondered what were on their minds when I took a snapshot at them. It’s amazing how our destinies will turn out so different, but that our paths would cross for just a few seconds.

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