I often cogitate about the means of writing but I realized that it should be no different than picking up a brush, or an instrument. The pure joy of mixing paint and playing random notes did not require reason but only the desire to express. Mono Digest is the sort of scribble and disharmony that’s all about going through the uninhibited motions of expression.


Hey there, I’m Kenneth. I started Mono Digest as a vessel to exercise my thoughts and share some findings if others may deem it interesting.

I work as a professional filmmaker and am currently undertaking the post of creative producer at Viddsee Studios Singapore. At Viddsee Studios, I approach creative projects with a strong focus on designing intricate narratives. As a creative producer, I develop and facilitate original/branded content, collaborating with creatives from all walks of life to deliver an immersive and authentic storytelling experience.

Apart from my duties at Viddsee, I’m an avid filmmaker who has written and directed a number of short films that had garnered warm responses from the film festival circuit, attaining several nominations and humbly awarded the Silver Screen Award from the Singapore International Film Festival.

In my free time, I try to consume as much knowledge as my brain allows. When I’ve got the spirit, I would turn to visuals and dialogue as my main forms of expression.

Career aside, I’m a film fanatic and a fervent sports fan. My allegiances are pledged to the Los Angeles Lakers, and Manchester United Football Club.

If you would like say hi, offer an opinion, or contribute, please feel free to contact me by filling up the form below.

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